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Union of Arab Poultry Producers

Official launch at EuroTier Middle East 2022

EuroTier Middle East along with its partners are pleased to announce the creation of the Union of Arab Poultry Producers (UAPP) which will be officially launched at the second edition of EuroTier Middle East in March 2022 in Abu Dhabi U.A.E

What is the Union of Arab Poultry Producers?

The UAPP is a non-profit organization that aims to help the poultry farms in the Arab countries to enhance their production of poultry and eggs. The UAPP will be headquartered in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and will welcome poultry farms and associations from all the countries in the Arab world to join this organization and strengthen their operations.

What it is about?

The UAPP will provide to its members, amongst others, the following core benefits:

  • Transfer of knowledge through conferences, workshops between members and with external experts
  • Identify top topics of the members and work on them in specialized working groups
  • Organizing annual poultry conferences
  • Physical and digital workshops about local key topics
  • Tailored trainings offered to members 
  • Visit exhibitions and farms in the world with pre-set meetings
  • Workshops with associations and companies

Who can be a member?

Poultry farms, poultry associations and cooperatives, related research centers from any Arab country can join as members.

Members will pay a nominal annual fee and will benefit from a right to elect the Board of Directors and all the benefits offered by the Union.

Associate members and sponsors

For companies which do not fulfill the membership conditions, but still wish to join the Union to interact with poultry producers, are two options are available:

  • Associate members paying an annual fee without voting right
  • Sponsors and golden sponsors who can benefit from various packages and privileges


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