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Programme: Forum area

Abu Dhabi Fairgrounds – Forum Area (south part of Hall):

11:00 hrs  Genetics in Camel BreedingUniversity of Vienna
11:45 hrsHoof care – Why hoofs are “carrying the milk”Dr. Hans Peter Klindworth, Veterinarian and Hoof care expert, Germany
12:30 hrsLatest results about Camel NutritionUniversity of Vienna
13:30 hrs

Investments in agriculture in the GCC

  • Infrastructure
  • Animal farming
  • Food production
15:00    Aquaculture: modern feeding aspectsRobert Tillner PhD, AllerAqua, Denmark
11:00 hrs:    Sheep and goat farming – supply for meat and milk?Dr. Stefan Völl, German sheep and goat breeders association
11:45 hrsFeed requirements and feed supply under arid climate conditions for small ruminants.ADFASA Feed specialist
12:30 hrsBreeding targets in small ruminants – where is the next target and what steps are ahead?N.N. secialist/scientist from ILRI, Nairobi Kenia
11:45 hrsPoultry production – a practical exampleStefan Teepker, Poultry farmer from North West Germany
12:30 hrsAquaculture: circular flow systems – management and development 
13:30 hrsInvestments in agriculture in the GCC