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The world of aquaculture at EuroTier Middle East

Aquaculture is globally the leading segment for food production with annual growth rates from 3 to 8 %. More than 400 different species are produced under controlled farming conditions. The aquatic candidates derive from fin fish to mussels, crustaceans and water plants. The food production in water does not compete with land usage for agriculture, which is globally limited.

Aquaculture depends on natural water resources and the permissions to use it for the production of aquatic species. Compared to European conditions, where water for aquaculture pond systems even is used as  flow- through systems, the conditions in Middle East require a sustainable water management. Due to limited water resources closed recirculated systems (RAS) are the method of choice tor the Middle East market. Controlled aquaculture production in RAS Systems ensures food safety and sustainability.

Aquaculture at EuroTier Middle East – What you can expect?

  • Dedicated aquaculture zone
  • Meeting point of industry experts and fish farmers
  • Hosting the 50 leading fish farms in the GCC countries
  • Strong regional partners providing market consultancy
  • Speaking opportunities at the aquaculture forum

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