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EuroTier Middle East Business Days

The EuroTier Middle East Business Days provides you intense networking opportunities. The aim of the EuroTier Middle East Business Days offers you the opportunity to learn more about the Middle Eastern market and start building business relations beforehand the EuroTier Middle East trade fair and intensify them being part of the trade fair in March 2022.

The first part of the EuroTier Middle East Business Days is a half-day online conference on June 8,2021, at which local market experts present you latest technical information about the animal farming market in the Middle East and what is important to know when starting business in this region. The conference is held in English and is free of charge.

Subsequently to the Pre-Show Online Conference you have the chance to meet the local participants at EuroTier Middle East in March 2022: During an especially organized international conference you will exchange farming practices over the different regions.

The EuroTier Middle East Business are the perfect opportunity for your company to develop your business in the Middle East and maximize the value of your participation at EuroTier Middle East 2022.

EuroTier Middle East Online Workshop

The kick-off of the business days will be the online conference taking place on June 8, 2022. Registrations are open now.

As we want to guarantee a high quality event and provide to all participants an successful exchange, please note that registration is on request and number of participants is limited.

  • Format: Online-Workshop
  • Duration: 5 hrs. incl. Break
  • Language: English
  • Costs: Free of charge
  • Participation: Upon request after submitting the registration form

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EuroTier Middle East Conference (On-site)

Meet local experts of the animal farming industry and Share your latest solutions in one of the that would positively impact the challenges faced by the region and leverage the exhibition and other events to extend your network.

Save the date: March 21, 2022

Guided Visitor Tours (On-site)

As an EuroTier Middle East exhibitor you can put yourself in the spotlight of local visitors and being a part of the guided trade fair tours for visitors. During a one-hour-tour visitors will learn more about the chances and solutions offered by the trade fairs exhibitors.

You like to become a part of the tour - send us your request

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