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Abu Dhabi Agriculture And Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA)

is the government entity supervising animal farming and production in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where 90% of the UAE farms are concentrated. 

Since its inception, ADAFSA has placed a high importance on agricultural support and development programs to achieve sustainability, enhance the effectiveness of biosecurity systems in preventing diseases and pests, and optimize its control over agriculture and food sectors. 

ADAFSA has identified several sectors to improve in animal farming and will be looking during Eurotier Middle East for partners/ suppliers for the following:

  • Aquaculture: fingerlings production- Preparation of dried and salted fish produces- fish feed
  • Use of animal farming biproducts: Creation of centers for collecting milk from farms and producing cheese, dried milk (sheep and goat)
  • Production of veterinary medication and vaccines (cattle, poultry, fish)
  • Increase animal production and enhancing breed (veal fattening)
  • Centers for collecting milk and producing cheese, dried milk (camel)
  • Honey production and sale
  • Creation and management of veterinary quarantine (sea exit)
  • Creation and management of artificial insemination and embryo transfert
  • Management of veterinary pharmacy
  • Creation and management of Veterinary faculty.

As those sectors have been identified as priority, financial and technical incentives will be provided to interested companies. EuroTier Middle East is the only animal farming trade fair supported by ADAFSA.